A Strike Too Close for Silence

July 10, 2007

Just minutes ago I received an IM from a close friend miles away living with her parents in Spain.  Joselyn just celebrated her 15th birthday, and when we last spoke she reported the festivities surrounding the occasion. Her mom and I talked about them visiting the U.S. and she even mentioned our friend Hailu was here in the states. Today, Joselyn’s IM was brief…very brief, and there were no photos of girls in pink formal attire simply this:

[15:23] Familia Lema Gomez: bien una pregunta viste la noticia de k un rayo cayoy casi mata a un misionero re ligioso?

I responded to her request saying I hadn’t heard anything, and then I quickly googled “missionary struck by lightening.” I was guessing there was going to be some interesting story or scary photo she wanted to tell me about, only then I saw his face, Hailu Kidane Marian.  My stomach knotted as I began to read the report, “A group of seventh-day Adventists are praying for a miracle after a lightning strike leaves one of their missionaries in a coma.” 


It’s not funny anymore…we always joke about how we’re terrified of God striking us with lightening and then it happens to a missionary. Reading the comments by some bloggers about something so close to home demanded I raise my voice. I don’t belive this story is mere coincidence, or God scolding him as some have speculated.  He may in fact be sending a wake up call to those of us who remain.  I hope and pray the call is not at the expense of Marian’s life.


2 Responses to “A Strike Too Close for Silence”

  1. Janscripts said

    According to the comment left on my “Author” page, Hailu has passed. Please keep the family in your prayers.

  2. glen said

    7th day adventist are always welcome at my door.

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